Friday, January 10, 2014

What Should I Stock the Bar With ?

You’ve chosen the food, the d├ęcor, the photographer, and the venue. All of the details are planned, the dress is purchased and the accessories are bought.
Have you taken time to think about the bar? What type of drinks will you serve? How much liquor should you buy?

We can help you answer these very important questions. When it comes to the bar if you’re going to offer specialty cocktails we advise keeping the selections limited. The last thing you want is guests standing in line for an hour because Aunt Suzy cannot decide if she wants a Cosmo, lemon drop, Mai tai, or a mint Juliep.  Offer one to three selections and keep the bar line at a minimum, guests drinks full and everyone will be smiling.

When selecting your cocktail choices keep the season in mind, most of your guests will not a frozen drink in the winter or a Hot toddy in the heat of summer.

Now how much to buy? We figure you need one ounce of liquor per person per hour that the drinks will be served. Here’s a simple equation to plug in the information.

(Number of guests) x (Number of hours drinks will be served)

This will give you the total number of ounces you will need to purchase if your crowd is on the heavy drinking side add on an extra bottle or two.

Our money saving tip when it comes to stocking the bar: Choose specialty cocktails that do not have a lot of liqueurs like Cointrea, Chambord, Baileys, ECT. This will add on to your bottom dollar significantly.

For additional tips on stocking the bar and specialty cocktail ideas refer to our website.