Monday, April 19, 2010

Huge Coachella Event !!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!! What an exciting weekend!

Night and Day productions had the opportunity to service its largest production to date this weekend at Coachella music festival. Our fantastic team of bartenders, bussers, servers, and valet brought their best to the table in the hot Indio sun. As Jennifer Bingham, Night & Day Productions owner, said “ I think I lost 5 lbs of water weight.” Regardless of the weather, everyone was super excited to provide bottle-service and stellar cocktails to celebrities such as Paul Walker and Will-I-Am.

Given that the event lasted 3 days, all day, it served as a perfect training ground for our staff to work as a team to maintain the positive energy and exceptional service. This excellence was evident to the guests and their compliments were reflective. We are hoping to be included in more large-scale music industry parties and demonstrate how Night & Day Productions doesn’t show up to a party, we make the party.

Thank you to all the fabulous work from every single bartender, server, busser, and valet!!!! Our success is impossible without you .

Sending lots of love and a hang-over remedy------- an ice-cold cerveza ;)

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